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Affordable Moving Company, LLc - San Diego, California
  • Public Storage of your choosing.
  • Packing and Unpacking Services.
  • Piano Moving
  • Antique and Fine Art Moving
  • Residential and Commercial Moving
  • Staging furniture
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Piano Moving from San Diego to San Diego, CA
  • We move any kind of piano's. 
    • Concert Grands
    • Baby Grands
    • Uprights
    • Spinets
    • Organs
    • Keyboards
Antiques to Fine Art Moving
  • We move any kind of Antique furniture to fine paintings.
  • We also crate Antiques and Fine Art when needed.
  • Statues (Metal, Cooper to  fine wood pieces).
Moving with Pets!
  • Pets are very important on moving day!
  • Bring your pets water and food bowl.
  • Make sure to bring in a colorful hand bag marked for pets their medication. 
  • Don't forget to bring their toys and bedding.
  • At the NEW HOME leave them in a special room with their bedding, toys already for them when they arrive.
  • Reassure your pets with lots of petting and hugs! They would love to know your not leaving them.  Pets are family too!